I know I have many many posts to update this lovely blog! But let’s look at the past 2 weeks pics!!

Sunday Movie! After an extremely busy weekend!

Thanks Hyvee for making Isabel’s grocery shopping experience way better!

Start em young!

I don’t know if all boys are awesome, but this one is! My nephew Emerson :)

A little Saturday night baking!

Early morning cartoons and reading. Never to early to get her to love Ikea!!

That’s a whole lot of crocheted goodness right there! A month later and the big crochet project is complete!

That beauty slept till 6:10! Miracle? Yes. Yes it was. The. She was back to her normal 5:15 wake up call this morning!

Bring on the weekend!
In Him,

{Happy March}

February came and went like a rocket ship! What in the world! This wonderfully little site has been really neglected!

Like I said before, life happens and I needed to just be in the moment!

Boy do I have some catching up to do! Hopefully, this month will be the month. :)

For now, here are some recent pictures:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3Isabel has done some growing these past two months, I would say she has gotten at least an inch taller if not more! She is talking up a storm and ¬†sometimes I have to decipher what she says! She is little Miss Independent but is so loving at the same time! One of my favorite thing she says is “uv you, momma! uv you, daddee!” So, sweet!

This winter has been bitterly cold with lots of snow, melting snow, ice, and sickness. We have spent many days on end not leaving the house. We are getting more and more ready for spring and summer when we can be outside 90% of the day!

In Him,


{And I’m back}

Sometimes life just says slow down and take a break from lots of things. And this happened this past month. We have had many different sicknesses, plus other computer problems, and a defiant one who refuses to potty train. Therefore, I haven’t been here lately. Sorry.

And I’m back :)

I am back to documenting our life as best as I can.
I am back from being sick myself.
Although my computer is still not working, I am back here to share our lives with you.

Be prepared for some late posts like Christmas!

So, I leave you with this

Doesn’t she look so innocent here :)

In Him,


Weekly Pics! Lots of Christmas fun happening!

Even though there is snow on the ground, when Great Grandma sends you money to go get Ice cream, you do it! Yummy!

Morning stop for milk and coffee with my Bel! I would be okay doing it every Saturday morning!

Sweet birthday gift from a BFF!

Just some monkeys and their bananas.

We had a lovely warm day! Took a walk!

Isabel’s Christmas Art Project 2013!

We have really begun Christmas Traditions this year: tree decorating, art project, and cookie making!

Making is messy business!

Now, this is how you lick the icing!

It’s serious business decorating!

The sweetness of our labor!

Ladies night out! So fun!

Excited for the holiday next week! And we will be traveling, so please keep us in your prayers!

In Him,

{Holiday Update & PICTURES}

The end of November and all of December seems to be our busiest time of year.

First, Jordan and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on November 27! We have wonderful family who watched the Bel and we had a night to ourselves at a special restaurant and movie!

Happy 3 years to that stud!

Thanksgiving was the next day. We spent the end of the week at the Bradley’s where the whole Bradley clan was there for the holiday! We wanted to spend as much time with them as possible especially the part of the Bradley clan that doesn’t live close by!

Aren’t we good looking?!? :)

As you read before, we celebrated Isabel Anne’s birthday on December 7 only a week after Thanksgiving! We had a little Birthday Bash for her with family who came to celebrate with us! She is a true blessing to us!

Happiest of birthdays to Isabel!

This was the party invite! I forgot to share earlier!

Then, my parents stayed around here enjoying the snow for a few more days! So glad almost all of our families were here to celebrate!

Isabel is 2!

On December 12, we celebrated my 27th birthday! I was overwhelmed with love from family and friends! My husband surprised me with a Kelly Moore Bag which is a purse I have been wanting for years! I was in complete shock!

Overwhelmed with love!

Life will not slow down from here, just a little over a week till Christmas where we will spend here at our house and then off to visit Louisiana till after New Year! We are excited :)

Pictures from the last couple weeks:

Jordan knows when I am having a bad day, a Coffee drink will make me feel better! He knows my love language!

We have been very blessed this year! One of the blessing is this table that I can serve other with!

The best things in life are free… Like snow!

Thanksgiving Turkey’s by Isabel and Graham 2013

Just warming her hand by the fire!

Left Target with a bag just her size… She felt special!

We let the Bel do the heavy lifting!

Christmas Decorating! These two are pros!

I have the timer on our tree set for the lights to go on early in the morning when I am up by myself reading! Enjoying it’s beauty while i can!

There is a butterfly at our table!

We embraced the COLD weather to do some shoveling early one Monday morning!

Found these while roaming the shoe department at Target! She thought she looked hilarious! So did we :)

We are now prepping for the next big holiday and trip! Prayers appreciated :)

In Him,

{Isabel is 2}

Last Saturday was a big day for us all. Isabel turned 2.

2! Can you believe it. Little Miss is 2 and my mind just turns back to the day she was born and we are holding this beautiful little girl in our arms. Just yesterday it seems she was 1 and still not able to walk. Now, Isabel is 2!

On her birthday (Dec. 7), we had family and practically family friends over for a little birthday bash!


We all gathered around the table singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and she was very unsure of what was happening!


She doesn’t blow hard enough to put the flame out, but with a little help from her momma, we did it!


This is what she thought of the cupcake at first…

With a little help from her BFF…


He explained what to do and then…


Showed her!


Good thing he was there! :) She enjoyed the cupcake!


And then she got to open her gifts! Which she loved them all!!


IMG_3716 IMG_3710



Family Photo!

We are so blessed with this Little Miss in our life! She is a joy and we love her to pieces! Happiest Birthday Isabel Anne!

Height: 34 inches
Weight: 26 pounds!

In Him,





Just a few pics this week:

The future of phones! Watch out world!

This is what November Walks look like!

Bel’s impersonation of me: coffee cup in one hand, & phone in the other saying “hello, hello, hello!” O My!

I caught Jordan reading Isabel her bedtime story. Sweetness!

The beginnings of something wonderful!

Lots of crafting and making happening here this weekend! Bring it on! Along with some snow :)

Which in that case means more warm drinks!

In Him,

{Pumpkin Patch}

A couple of weeks ago, the Bel and I went with our good friends to the Pumpkin Patch at Center Grove Apple Orchard! There is more than just apples and pumpkins at this orchard! So much more, we could spend days there!

IMG_3267The Pumpkin Patch
IMG_3259 IMG_3258 IMG_3251The Corn Pool
IMG_3246 IMG_3244 IMG_3236Picking a Pumpkin!
IMG_3233 IMG_3224 IMG_3218Small Tractor Ride!
IMG_3215Petting Zoo and Other Fun Attractions
IMG_3214 IMG_3212 IMG_3208 IMG_3202 IMG_3197 IMG_3194 IMG_3188 IMG_3184 IMG_3183 IMG_3174 IMG_3169 IMG_3158 IMG_3154 IMG_3151 IMG_3150 IMG_3147 IMG_3146

It was a GREAT morning! Full of lots to see and we picked one big pumpkin and 3 small ones! As well as enjoying a homemade Apple Cider Doughnut!

Can’t wait for next year!!

In Him,