Like most other families with kids, we are huge fans of the Disney movie, ‘Frozen.’ We know every word in every song and line in the movie. We laugh at everything Olaf does because he is obviously hilarious! Basically, we could act out Frozen from memory! Its a cute little movie and one that will be on our shelf for years to come! Also, it continued Isabel’s obsession with snowmen!

So, when we heard that Frozen was playing on the jumbotron at ISU’s Jack Trice Football Stadium, we had it on our calendar for a long time to attend this event!

Sadly, I came down with a horrible cold that knocked me out with barely any energy for about 5 days. So, Jordan took Isabel and met up with some friends! photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1photo 2

Isabel and her little friend, Fallyn, have the best facial expressions! So much fun! 

Jordan described the event as crazy because of the massive of people on this college football field and the fact that every little kid knew the movie by heart! Jordan said that most of the songs were sung in unison amongst the crowd! I was sad to miss this fun event, but so glad Jordan and Bel had daddy/daughter time!

Here are a couple of pictures to see how jam packed this stadium field was! There was barely room to sit!

photo 2 photo 1


In Him,


I love to hear Isabel sing. Most of the time I am singing with her, but sometimes she surprises us and knows all (or most) of the words to songs. Like her ABCS!

>>>Isabel Sings the ABCs<<<

We have been working on other fun songs like ‘Shoo Fly, don’t bother me’ and ‘Jesus Loves Me.’ One of Isabel’s favorite is ‘You are My Sunshine.’

>>>Isabel Singing ‘You are My Sunshine’<<<
(Excuse my horrible singing voice and just focus on her cuteness!)

Can you tell we like singing in the car??
In Him,


As a kid, I grew up swimming during the spring, summer and early fall at every chance we got! We had a swimming pool in our yard for most of my life. We took swimming lessons from infancy on! I loved the pool!

Because I loved it so much, I want Isabel to have the same experience! Thankfully, there is a really nice city aquatic center here in Ames that is only a half mile away! We have gotten a family pass for this past summer and it was worth every penny! Isabel was never “a go for the water” type of girl mainly, because she doesn’t like getting her face wet, but she loves just being in the water.

We got our pass for this summer and she has become more confident in her water loving than ever before! She will go down slides and dunk her face in the water. She will even walk out to where she can barely reach! photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Click here for a video of her sliding!!  >>>> ISABEL SLIDING DOWN THE BEAVER SLIDE <<<<<

Now, to just keep up with her!

In Him,

{Dam to Dam}

I have always been a runner. I go through seasons of life where I run often and then when I don’t run at all. Nowadays, the not running season is winter here in Iowa. I am not a fan of running with snow on the ground and freezing temperatures! But come spring, summer and fall, I love to run!

I decided at the beginning of the year, that I wanted to run some races this year. Specifically, I want to do another half-marathon. The first one I found to do was Dam to Dam Half in Des Moines. However, it was a LONG, COLD winter up here. Therefore, the 5K seemed more attainable.

On May 31, Jordan and I ran the Dam to Dam 5K in Des Moines.  photo 1 photo 2 photo 3
We finished together! That was our goal! :) We have plans to do another! Yay!

In Him,

{Mother’s & Father’s Day Celebration}

Isabel’s Grandma Bradley wanted to have the Bel sleep over for a night. So, we took the opportunity to have a night away and celebrate mother’s and father’s day for us!
photo 1Aren’t we just too cute? 
photo 2Pretty Tulips (Purple ones are my favorite) we found at Trader Joe’s for $5! Great little gift!

We spent the night at a B&B in Des Moines. Basically, we just relaxed and enjoyed each others company which is much needed when you have an energetic 2.5 year old :) We ate  out at new restaurants, spent a morning at the big Farmer’s Market downtown Des Moines and did other random errands while down there. It was relaxing and completely enjoyable! I see that as the best getaway!

Of course, we spent quality with our Little Miss too. I mean, we wouldn’t be celebrating this holiday without her being in this world! She is truly a gift from above and we are beyond thankful for her in every way!

photo 3Her smile is contagious! 

photo 4
She made me a momma! I learn and love her more every day!
photo 5Bel and Daddy on actual Father’s Day (June 15)! They could be twins… just 25 years apart is all!

In Him,

{Where did May go?}

This year is passing by in a flash! I feel Easter was just last week and yet it has been 2 months! What!

May came and went so fast that I didn’t have time to sit and write or even think about keeping up. Fun things happen and I am going to post separately about those! Overall, May was a super fun month for us, jam packed with only a little allergies and sickness. Here are a few pictures since Easter:

photo 1

Mommy-Daughter dates will be some of my favorite memories! Spending quality time with her is so important to us!

photo 2We found this castle at one of our first garage sales for free! She LOVES it!

photo 3She LOVES dresses! Everyday she asked to wear one!

photo 4

Teaching her puppy how to potty now that she has mastered it!

photo 5 She picked me some “flowers” :)

photo 1This girl LOVES to swing. Always has! 

photo 2These two are best friends. This is how they usually are: Graham talking about who know what and Bel laughing because everything Graham says is hilarious!
photo 3

Coffee/ popcorn date with my girl!

photo 4

“Ladybug” balloon from the farmers market!

photo 5Puddle Jumping: Childhood necessity.

photo 1Summer flowers. Love.

photo 2Movie nights! These two look exactly the same even when watching movies!

photo 3Isabel and I went to our sweet friends dance recital! Isabel loved it and clapped after every dance!

We have been pretty busy around here with friends coming over, trips to the park and trips to the pool have become a daily occurrence.

Getting ready to head to the pool this morning as it will be 90 today!

In Him,

{Egg Hunt}

This year we attended a big Easter Egg Hunt at Reiman Gardens on ISU campus. This was Isabel first egg hunt and it was so much fun! We went with our good friends the Mueller’s! It was so fun watching them run around with their buckets!IMG_4307 IMG_4310 IMG_4316 IMG_4319 IMG_4334 IMG_4342 IMG_4343 IMG_4344 IMG_4346 IMG_4367 IMG_4369 IMG_4382 IMG_4395 IMG_4402 IMG_4408These two didn’t care that there were hundreds of people around! They ran hard, searched hard and found the prize! It was fun to see their expressions and pure joy finding the egg (empty too!) This is something we will definitely go back too!

Enjoy! In Him,

{Easter 2014}

The rest of winter came and went fast it seemed however, the snow didn’t want to go for a long time!

These days we are spending lots of time outside soaking in the long missed sun and playing hard! We are doing some work too ;)

Easter was a quiet one for us, just our little family spending some quality time together! Family was missed, but we so enjoyed our holiday just the three of us!

smaller 3

smaller 2


IMG_4446 copyWe hope you all had a wonderful Easter and were able to celebrate Our Risen King!

In Him,



I know I have many many posts to update this lovely blog! But let’s look at the past 2 weeks pics!!

Sunday Movie! After an extremely busy weekend!

Thanks Hyvee for making Isabel’s grocery shopping experience way better!

Start em young!

I don’t know if all boys are awesome, but this one is! My nephew Emerson :)

A little Saturday night baking!

Early morning cartoons and reading. Never to early to get her to love Ikea!!

That’s a whole lot of crocheted goodness right there! A month later and the big crochet project is complete!

That beauty slept till 6:10! Miracle? Yes. Yes it was. The. She was back to her normal 5:15 wake up call this morning!

Bring on the weekend!
In Him,

{Happy March}

February came and went like a rocket ship! What in the world! This wonderfully little site has been really neglected!

Like I said before, life happens and I needed to just be in the moment!

Boy do I have some catching up to do! Hopefully, this month will be the month. :)

For now, here are some recent pictures:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3Isabel has done some growing these past two months, I would say she has gotten at least an inch taller if not more! She is talking up a storm and  sometimes I have to decipher what she says! She is little Miss Independent but is so loving at the same time! One of my favorite thing she says is “uv you, momma! uv you, daddee!” So, sweet!

This winter has been bitterly cold with lots of snow, melting snow, ice, and sickness. We have spent many days on end not leaving the house. We are getting more and more ready for spring and summer when we can be outside 90% of the day!

In Him,